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Situated within Canary Wharf, approximately

500 m from No.1 Canada Square, the centre of a cluster of tall buildings, Canary Wharf, East London.


Making it a fitting location for a building of the highest architectural merit. 21ST are retained to bring this Mixed Use Development forward. An architectural solution of the highest quality, that addresses context at street, borough and city level. A Pre Planning Stage building that is sustainable and sensitive to local and global environmental concerns, whilst also providing an attractive and practical place to live. The clients aspirations for the project are to provide a residential led development with a mix of new homes that meet local demand, with complimentary non-residential uses that serve both new and existing local residents, visitors and workers, appropriate to the site's location. By creating an enhanced public realm providing public benefit in addition to meaningful communal and private amenity space for residents, the scheme will optimise the site's potential and make a lasting contribution to the area. The scheme is on programme for full planning submission late summer 2016 with key design team members appointed.





Canary Wharf, London


Mixed-Use Development



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